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Are All Natural Products Created Equal?

In recent years, the term 'natural skincare' has become bountiful, making the meaning and intention behind those words increasingly difficult to decipher.

For us, the terminology of natural skincare, is rooted in a larger ethos: deep respect for the wisdom and power of the natural world. Since our private herbal skincare became a sought after public affair in 2020, our products have still embodied the value of using meticulously chosen, whole botanicals to safely nourish and transform skin, an approach inspired by our founder’s upbringing in the world of German Homeopathy. Discover how we are setting new standards for natural skincare in our approach to not only how our products are made, but how our business is run.

There was a time when it felt like there were only two choices: use natural, non-toxic skincare and sacrifice effectiveness, or use products made with potentially harmful ingredients that delivered results. A lose, lose solution that led our founder to create Skincare that delivers superior quality and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that what you are putting on your skin is formulated without potentially harmful ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, PEGs, or SLSs. Accomplishing this however required a unique approach to natural skincare. Clean beauty means transparency throughout the Company.

Identifying Nature’s Very Best Healers

Even before they fully understood how or why, ancient apothecaries were turning to certain botanicals for their healing abilities; natural ingredients whose role in the effort to care for skin is centuries-old. Now of course we know how botanicals like gotu kola, nettle and bergamot go about the work of restoring, soothing, brightening, smoothing and protecting skin. We know which plants are the most nutrient-dense and which are rich in performance powerhouses like vitamin A, vitamin C and ceramides. We select each of our natural ingredients for its unique properties—phytonutrients, antioxidants, fatty acids, adaptive superpowers—nutrient density and time-tested efficacy, each one delivering, in most cases, many meaningful benefits to skin. We utilise the micro dosing of Essential oils if any, for medicinal use. Nothing is ever added for fragrance alone. All 27 botanical ingredients used across our line range from seeds, roots, leaves and flowers from the world’s most nutrient-rich botanicals and oils. Once chosen, we both source the organic plants to grow and harvest on our farm, and find responsible producers to source from, many of which have used the same sustainable, organic farming practices for generations.

Sourcing Straight From The Earth

As they are processed, foods lose nutritional value. The same is true for the natural ingredients in skincare. This is why we begin our formulas with fully intact, whole plants, active and unprocessed, their life-force energy and natural healing properties - potent. The benefits of this unique approach are far more profound than anything a synthetic nutrient or an inexpensive extract could offer. Think of it as the difference between a heavily processed meal replacement bar and a beautifully prepared plate of food made from thoughtfully grown, in-season fresh ingredients. They may contain similar nutrients, but only one will truly help your body to thrive. Beginning with whole plants forms a direct line between the natural world and your skin, acknowledging and honouring their deeply intrinsic relationship.

An Ancient-Modern Way To Formulate

Everything the skin needs to thrive—hydration, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals—are all abundant in nature. But capturing this natural goodness in concentrations potent enough to deliver real, transformative results to skin comes down to formulation. It turns out there is one vital, missing ingredient in modern skincare: patience. Enter our 49-day Lipophilic Splendour Extraction, which is at the heart of the formulas for all our Active Botanical Serums. This methodical, temperature-controlled, seven-week infusion process was designed to capture every drop of the powerful nutrition in our whole plants in the most optimal ratios possible. Combining the study of ancient Botany with contemporary science, our In-house secret formula makes Sabine G Holistics a Premium skincare brand. Lengthy, whole plant infusions are another time-honoured technique of ancient apothecaries who valued effectiveness over productivity. Skin immediately recognizes the brightening vitamins, balancing minerals, strengthening amino acids, nourishing fatty acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients at a foundational level and puts them to work safely, effectively and efficiently to bring out a natural radiance.

Having An Encompassing Positive Impact

For us, natural skincare is not just about combining ingredients. The process of how something is created and placed into the world must reflect a sense of responsibility and respect for each other and our planet. We exist to not only impact your skin in the most beneficial ways, but to have a positive impact on the world. The multi-beneficial nature of our formulas, speak our "less is more" philosophy, which centers on the belief that if one gender neutral product can deliver a myriad of benefits, fewer products are needed, fewer are produced, and less natural resources are utilized. We view our efforts around sustainable packaging, responsible sourcing, offsetting of our annual carbon emissions, donations to support earth restoration, as simply the most responsible way to do business and life in general.

Visit our IDEOLOGY page to learn more about all the ways we are working to ensure a beautiful future for all of us and Gods Earth.

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