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Are Lash Cleansers A Gimmick?

Do we really need to clean lashes with a specially formulated cleanser? Yes.

Is it just a money making scheme to purchase another product? No I'm afraid not.

Why can’t I just use baby shampoo? Babies don’t use makeup.

The bacteria, make up, dead skin cells and small little mites that eat skin, all accumulate on the lashes daily. Whether we are wearing lash extensions or not.

This build up is trapped there when we have a lash extension on the lash. Making it more difficult to clean.

We at Sabine G Holistics Academy suggest using a Cleansing Foam and a brush. But a foaming cleanser with the fingers is better than not thing. Don’t assume your lash and brow clients know that they need to cleanse. It’s been my research that most lash users are scared to go near their lashes because they are afraid that the lashes will fall out. So they don’t wash them. A good application of lashes will not debond with a lash cleanser. In fact clients need to know that clean lashes = healthy long lasting lashes. The accumulated debris and oil can potentially cause premature lash falling. Clients should never walk out of your salon without the knowledge of how important it is to wash their lashes and without a bottle of Lash Cleanser.

Now we have been using Prolong Lash shampoo from Australia for a few years and in 2020 we decided that we need a local product that is also more natural and less harmful to the eyes. With lash extensions there are a lot of chemical fumes involved and a cleanser should not add to it if its not necessary.

I have an education in formulating natural skincare and knew exactly what I wanted, so I got together with a natural skincare chemist in Cape Town and we formulated the NON SYNTHETIC version.

The non-negotiable criteria was very specific:

1. Leaves no residue behind.

2. Oil free.

3. Non burning for sensitive eyes.

4. No synthetic or harmful ingredients at all.

5. Be soft and have a delicate fragrance.

6. Bi functional and be used as a facial cleansing foam aswell.

The end results is PureLash Foaming Cleanser!

This 100ml luxurious foaming cleanser ticks all the boxes and then some.100 % locally sourced and manufactured. It’s effective. It’s oil free. Great for sensitive skin. A 3 in 1 lash, brow and face cleanser. Has antibacterial properties. We never knew it would be such a brilliant product before we started formulating and it just got better and better. The benefits of using Pure Rose Hydrosol are in itself so beneficial to the skin not to mention that salons find it is great for brows face and lashes. Sensitive clients are very pleased with the scent. There is absolutely no chemical or surfactant smell. The reviews and feedback of PureLash has been beyond expectations. The demand for bulk stock of PureLash has been so high that we have now needed to supply Lash salons and schools with bulk orders. (Our min order of non branded Pure Lash is 2.5 litres. Please send me an enquiry if you are interested and I shall send the discount percentages per quantities that we offer). We have kept the price much lower that other lash and brow cleansers available on our market as we are also lash artists and beauticians and very aware of what’s daylight robbery and what’s a mutual business. We plan to be in relationship with clients for a long time and our prices are part of our business ethics.

So.. if you are one of the few that have not tried PureLash Foaming Cleanser 100ml R160.00, then I suggest pop on over to the website and order. You and your clients are missing out.

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