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Blemish-Prone Skin At My Age?

Far from a problem consigned to our teenage years, blemishes and breakouts can persist well into our adult lives. Anyone who is dealing with the stresses of everyday life, navigating a shift in hormone levels, or using a few too many products at once has faced flare-ups. Learn why the Silver Lining Collection is fast becoming go-to products for the breakout-prone. Helping to treat, soothe and even stop some new flare-ups, not to mention quicken the fading of those annoying dark marks left behind.

Eliminate Budding Causes

Hormonal changes are one of the main drivers of adult acne and can easily shift oil glands into high gear. But hormones are not the only culprit behind overactive oil glands. In the absence of proper hydration (i.e. water content in the skin) the body compensates by producing additional oil, clogging pores and making an already difficult situation worse. It’s no wonder that severely dehydrated skin is often mistakenly diagnosed as only oily when the root cause is lack of water and the over production of oil is a secondary issue. Studies show that well-hydrated skin is more resilient and less prone to breakouts, which is why Silver Lining Hydra Mist was formulated to be the ultimate hydration step for dehydrated blemish prone skin. Delivering Niacinamide and Glycerin to immediately replenish lost hydration, Silver Lining Hydra Mist goes a step further, using healing ingredients like Rose Geranium Hydrosol to curb the oil, and our star ingredient - Colloidal Silver. One of the multiple colloidal silver benefits is that it helps with the healing process of human tissue. This is the reason why it is so helpful in the treatment of burn wounds, cuts, and scrapes. Colloidal Silver fights infection & reduces inflammation. Colloidal silver is also a fantastic anti-inflammatory. All the properties an acne prone skin needs to build a healthy skin barrier is in every spritz. A strong, intact barrier is key to breaking the cycle of dehydration and inflammation, since a damaged barrier functions like a leaky bucket, allowing water to evaporate away despite your best efforts to re hydrate. This is where your next step, Dermal Strengthening Serum for the day and Night Restoring Serum, comes in. With hydration restored by Silver Lining Hydra Mist, the oil-based formula effectively seals hydration into the skin and layers on barrier-supporting phytoceramides, a plant-based ceramide (phyto meaning “plants”), sourced from ingredients like grape seed and Organic sunflower seed oil, and omega fatty acids from Kalahari Melon Seed oil to deeply nourish and support the skin’s first line of defense.

My adult acne has cleared up dramatically even at that time of the month, my dark rings under eyes are lightening, my pores appear smaller and my skin tone has a beautiful glow! I am extremely impressed. —Tiffany

Add Powerful, Natural Antioxidants

Natural plant nutrients have long been used to heal and restore human skin. With extensive research we have honed-in on 7 whole plants extracted into our Dermal Strengthening Serum and 8 in our Night Restoring Serum. Each carefully selected for their powerful adaptogenic properties they lend a hand in the effort to control breakouts before they occur and lighten dark spots and scars. The ground-breaking formula for our Silver Lining Serums include botanicals such as White willow and Liquorice root, which have antimicrobial, skin lightening and astringent properties to help even out dark spots and combat harmful bacteria, as well as Nettle, Chamomile and Plantain which soothe compromised skin and offer additional antibacterial and antiseptic benefits to clarify the complexion. Nigella Sativa (black cumin) oil - another one of our formula’s potent foundation oils, is rich in linoleic acid and tannins, making it a natural, alcohol-free astringent to keep pores clear, combat bacteria and prevent breakouts. It’s been called ‘the black oil that heals everything except death’, in the ancient Egyptian times. When using our Restoring Night Serum, you will soon discover its fabulous ability to rebuild and bring subtleness to the skin. Added to these botanicals are ancient adaptogenic healers like Comfrey and Yarrow which are age defying, ease irritation and restore the skin barrier. These are especially beneficial for hormonal skin and adult acne. Last but by no means least, our Silver Lining formulas both have soothing nourishing marshmallow root to perfectly balance out these potent acne Silver Lining Serums.

My face never feels like its dry or needs extra moisturizer. I don’t feel any tightness even though my skin isn’t oily anymore. I love the Silver Lining range. I normally get large hormonal breakouts but my skin is clear apart from tiny bumps from my mask which clears up super quick. — Maggie

Fewer Steps = Fewer Breakouts

Top dermatologists and aestheticians agree that using too many, and too aggressive products simultaneously, can intensify the issue of breakouts and blemishes. Not all actives play well together. A simpler, ‘less is more’ approach to skincare can translate to one that is more supportive of clear and calm skin. This was the aim of our founder, who herself had gone down the road of using Accutane and piling on skin barrier stripping product after product, only to have worsened her acne and causing hyper-pigmentation. The Silver Lining Hydra Mist and active Serums were specifically formulated to be the perfect two-step acne skincare routine, delivering everything your delicate skin needs day and night, from multi-level hydration to supportive nutrient actives.



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