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How Many Reminders Do You Need To Realise Life Is Short?

A short compilation of randoms just for you:

• check where your passport is every few weeks,

even when you're not going anywhere

• get a big blank canvas

• take a compliment

• see the exhibitions that you want to see before they're over,

even if you have no one to go with you

• the neighbours won't call the police if you turn the music up a little louder

• trust your gut feelings forever

• will you ever call your mom

• dedicate ten minutes to just check up on people, every day

• when was the last time you brought someone flowers

• delete the meditation apps, you're not using them

• can you remember to take your supplements for more than two days in a row?

• it's okay not to finish a book you're not enjoying, start another one

• there is always room for dessert

• start asking people for their birthdays and write them down in your calendar

• no one thinks it's embarrassing except for you

• get your moles checked

• say your goals out loud to someone else, and write them down

• put your phone on flight mode for an hour a day

• it's okay to unfollow someone who isn't on your life anymore

• reset your passwords more often

• someone else's insecurities are not your problem

• check your paid subscriptions every few months

• invest in good bed sheets. and get house slippers

• instead of asking someone for a photo, ask them a question

• do you know all of your friend's middle names?

• don't waste so much time thinking of an instagram caption

• what does it even mean to be in the moment?

• are you your best friends best friend? and does it matter?

• get a sudoku book

• eat for longevity

• don't worry so much about getting copied

• hold the door open for everyone

• flip coins for decision making

• overplay songs even if you know you'll get sick of them

• free yourself from others expectations

• get that full body massage it deserves

• make wishes instead of accusations

Best Regards,

Sabine G xx

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