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A drop or two?

How much glue should I use?

This is another one of my most frequently asked questions so I’m here to spill the resin!

As with everything in eyelashing, there’s not one dry cut answer. It’s all about the micro drop when it comes to glue pick up. Ideally, you will want to get one or two micro beads of glue on your lash extension before applying to the natural lash. Key word: m i c r o - d r o p. You do not want to scoop up big blobs of glue otherwise the glue will not be able to cure fast enough, causing a stickies fan club.

If you notice that the micro drop no longer looks micro but rather macro then it’s time for a fresh drop of glue. Fresh glue has a thinner viscosity (runnier).

Dipping tips

  1. Dip the lash 2 mm into the centre of the freshness bubble and pull out the lash - not scoop up.✔️

  2. If you're dipping too deep to the bottom you will have too much glue. And the glue droplet will end up a few mm up the shaft and not at the base, causing fish-hook lashes.

  3. Tapping the surface will scoop up the skin that is already forming due to air exposure. Not the freshest glue your bubble has to offer.

Use a fresh bubble of glue every 20 minutes depending on the rooms humidity levels.

When it comes to fans you cannot see the bead. The adhesive sits at the base in a micro drop. If you have dipped too deep and scooped up an excess amount of glue then the glue will bleed up the fans which can cause the fans to collapse.


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