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Maciej & Mari

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In this, our first of monthly conversation, we spoke to Mari & Maciej, Sustainability Activists and owners of Knysna's first Zero Waste store and one of our Beloved Retailers - The General Store in The Knysna Foundation.

Can you please tell us a bit more about your Journey with The General Store? and the ethos behind your business?

We bought a place here in Knysna in 2018. There wasn’t any sustainable shops for the regular household and lifestyle items so, to put it simply, we created the store that we wanted to shop at.

If you can take only ONE thing from your Store, what would it be?

For me, menstrual cup hands down. For Maciej, it’s the Pure Primal Under Armor deodorant…

Were you both into sustainability before you met or did it evolve together? Who is the more sustainable one?

Maciej is from Europe where almost everything gets meticulously separated and recycled. He was so disappointed when he moved here that it wasn’t that advanced. So I would say he is more sustainable at his core where I am more sustainable in all the things I’m willing to try and incorporate into our life (beeswax wraps, silicone bags, cloth diapers, menstrual cups etc..)

The inside of a sustainable refilling store. Zero waste and ethical products. The General Store.

Favourite place on Earth?

Italy – good food, good wine, amazing art, history, architecture and the scenery is breathless…

Currently reading/Watching/Listening to?

Lifespan / Justified (again…) / Hubermanlab

Best skincare advice that you've ever received and live by?

Never sleep with makeup.

How do you nurture a connection to nature through your business?

We sell bokashi bran – we compost all our scraps at home into large compost boxes which we then use in our garden to grow herbs and some vegetable.

What is your best advice for anyone looking to start off being more eco-conscious and considerate of our planet?

Start small. Try something and see if you can incorporate it into your daily life. No sense in buying everything available and not use it. It wastes…

What was your very first conscious eco "switch" item, do you remember when it was?

I guess a stainless steel water bottle in 2014. But the pivot point came with my first menstrual cup in 2017, Cartagena Spain…

What does 'well-being' mean to you?

A balanced life.

Something you're proud of?

The home Maciej and I are creating here together. It’s our first home and has been such a challenge to built. It’s been an adventure and is still evolving…

Someone you look up to?

That’s a difficult one. But I find it so inspiring when the customers we have, try something new and make a change. Change is uncomfortable and I think it’s so brave to take that first step.

I feel most creatively fulfilled when…

When I’m balanced in my personal life, body, routine etc.

I'm grateful for…

My support community here in the Garden Route.

Inside a sustainable store Sabine G Holistics retailer General Store Knysna Foundation

Find the full Line of Sabine G Holistics at The General Store along with all eco friendly daily essentials and fresh refill stations - everything you and your home needs for clean sustainable living. They are situated inside the gorgeous Knysna Foundation, a Hub for food, Coffee at Trinity, Yoga at Lotus Studio, clothes and all you can dream of to support a healthy lifestyle.


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