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Pro-aging Is The New Anti-aging

Can We Really Freeze & Reverse Time?

Its time that Proactive Skincare kicks the Negative Anti-Aging to the curb.

Anti-aging has always been everywhere and such an accepted ideology—but there is something very stressful in the century old strive to becoming something that is quite impossible to become. Aka. younger.

Lets face it, for many reasons anti-aging is a ridiculous term. It states that we should not want to age, and upon waking up one day, age has bitten us and we need somehow react by stopping this natural occurrence. We age with time and time cannot be reversed. In fact it seems to speed up every year. And the word ‘anti’ hyphened to a natural human development, is attaching a negative mindset to a normal and healthy part of life. Life is stressful enough and now as early as 25, human beings are talking about being old. And its seldom a term of endearment. The way you perceive aging can actually influence how you age. Aging, like many aspects of life, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Positive and negative attitudes can affect your health behaviorally, psychologically and even biologically. Being "pro-aging," or satisfied with your own aging, can make you adopt healthier behaviors, feel in control of how you age and even heighten your immune system. Being "anti-aging," or perceiving aging negatively, can do the opposite. How in the world can humans love themselves when they are anti self?

We believe that a healthier perspective is one called pro-aging. Don't mistake this for "accepting" looking older than we can at our age. In our Laboratory, it means we formulate our products to slow down the rapid aging process with our ingredients while the consumer eats healthy, lives a healthy lifestyle and isn't afraid of reaching 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s etc. We here at Sabine G are focusing on supporting the skin's natural ways of progression. Giving the skin it’s own defenses to slow down the rapid deterioration of the skin cells, allowing them to age in a healthy slower manner. Silver Lining, Waymaker and Awaken Collections have the best phyto-nutrients available to do this. With continuous use, the results are glowing, healthy radiant skin.

Pro-aging is a term and a concept that has its roots in a much more holistic approach to the anti-aging process. Viewing the aging process in a realistic and positive way and working with the body's natural defenses is a much more modern concept. As the approach gains momentum, we look to less invasive skincare that supports the organic aging of the skin, working with the body, instead of against it. This, in turn, will create a healthier appearance. We don’t believe in trying to reverse the aging process rather, improving the quality of skin in the aging process. The best skincare is one of pro-action. Where prevention is indeed better than an invasive attempt to cure. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and listening to the changing needs of your skin from a young age, giving it all the free-radical scavengers in the form of phytonutrients, is the best way to slow down aging. This way we are minimizing skin damage, enjoying a healthy glowing skin every year that we have the privilege to experience.

Pro-Aging vs. Anti-Aging

So, what's the difference between pro-aging and anti-aging, exactly? Not only do both words have different meanings to different people, it could also mean a different approach to skincare formulation. Generally speaking, anti-aging is a skin-stimulating, intrusive approach to try and stop and/or reverse the natural progression of aging skin. This approach usually penetrates the skin on a deeper level towards the dermal/epidermal junction.

To us, pro-aging means finding balance and working with your body, using moisture, antioxidants, and cell turnover to keep skin looking its best. Think of it like a skincare booster shot or support system for life.

Pro-aging is about making small adjustments, restructuring habits as we age, in slow and steady increments that add up over the long term. Your basic and essential pro-aging regimen is very easy: clean, hydrate, activate."

"This also extends to lifestyle", explains Sabine G, 48-year old founder of luxury skincare brand Sabine G Holistics. "Our internal health is reflected on our skin, which means adequate sleep, exercise, hydration, and healthy eating are equally important."

Skincare Is Self-Care

As far as aging goes, "the aging process is a biological one, not a cosmetic term". While her brand does embrace the concept of aging through the skincare collection Awaken for mature skin, it also adopts an empowerment platform. The secret lies in encouraging customers to feel self-confident and take time to accept and love themselves. Embracing the inevitable aging process, she adds. It's about feeling confident with oneself within the age we are, and yet having the skincare routine which improves the skins longevity.

Ultimately, pro-aging touches a broader topic. While you might think that anti-aging is the idea of hiding and getting rid of any signs of aging—and pro-aging about embracing these signs—pro-aging also offers a more holistic point of view. "Pro-aging is health focused not age focused skincare. It’s about the freedom to make that choice and to opt for whatever skincare maintenance methods feel right for each individual, and not be a prisoner to societal standards," Sabine observes. “It's a conscious choice to do whatever one feels necessary for their routine, and most importantly, what the skin desires and requires from all ages.”

The reality is that skincare can feel quite ageist and shameful, and pro-aging finds a way to both embrace and care for your skin. "I maintain that we must tear down any societal and self-imposed 'shame barriers' about growing older."

Pro-aging is the positive approach to preventative skincare.

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