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Retention Issues During Covid-19

Are you experiencing retention issues since getting back to lashing during Covid-19? Are your clients' lashes just not lasting as long as they used to? Don’t let this stress you out- getting research feedback and my own finding together- here’s a perfectly logical solution.

The root of the problem? Face Masks! Although this is necessary and encouraged, the masks cause hot breath to seep out of the top, hitting the eyelashes and prematurely curing the glue and ruining the retention. Very uncontrolled temperature and humidity that’s hitting your lash adhesive. Bar from telling clients not to breathe for 2 hours get out your tape.

What’s the easy fix? TAPE!

Sticking transpore or micropore tape to the top of the mask under the eyes and on the bridge of the nose forces moisture to exit through the bottom of the mask instead of through the top. (I prefer using transpore in this winter period as the micropore tends to absorb the skins oils.) Your glue will cure just as beautifully as it did before! This simple fix can do wonders for your client. Not only do I find this also to be more hygienic during this pandemic times as the breath of your client creeps up on your hands as you are working.

Tried this and it didn't help? I have other factors to inform you on what can drastically affect retention.

How clean are your clients' lashes?

To the naked eye, your client seems to be coming in with clean and well-kept lashes. In reality, sometimes dirt and debris can be super hard to spot without an up close magnifying glass. Applying a new lash onto oils and gunk will result in poor retention- your client will most definitely be calling you up for a refill. It’s better to be safe than sorry and always use a lash foam on your clients' lashes before every service. A clean slate will help with any retention issues. Not only for retention but for eye hygiene too. Speaking of hygiene, your client’s lash aftercare will need to include a gentle,oil free foam wash every day. Try our PureLash foaming cleanser. The first organic lash foam that's for the environmentally conscious lash lovers out there.

How’s the humidity in my lash space?

You’ve checked your room temperature and everything looks normal. Just because your room temperature is under control, this doesn't mean the room humidity follows suit. We recommend keeping an eye on this, as something so small and unnoticed can make a world of difference when corrected.

Glue Storage

How are you storing your glue? Always read manufacturers glue storage directions- this is one of the most common reasons for poor retention. Glue needs to be stored away from any liquids. Away from heating elements and sun. If your glue is not properly stored and in its recommended temperature controlled environment, the glue can shock cure causing extremely poor retention. Try storing in a sealed container with rice and silica pouches. Every time you finish a medicine bottle, pop your silica sachet into your glue storage container. lashgluetips 101

Although these things can seem small, we need to treat them as big factors when it comes to giving optimal retention. Now that you have great information at your fingertips, be confident in your lashing and have fun creating masterpieces that last!

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