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Spring Into Seasonal Skincare Change

Spring is officially here at Sabine G Holistics! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping. With the change of weather comes one of our favorite topics: seasonal skincare.

Our skin, just like our body, responds differently to weather, humidity, the sun, our surroundings, and other environmental factors. The way our bodies respond to these changes affects our skin and adjusting products seasonally ensures variety that leads to vibrant skin all year round.

Spring Cleaning

During the colder winter months, circulation slows and we often see an increase in overall stagnation. As we begin to transition into warmer Spring weather, lymph and circulation begin to pick up and our bodies begin to detox. With this shift, our skin creates more sebum and fluids in an effort to purge and to protect healthy tissues from waste, toxins or pathogens leaving the body. Allergies and bouts of inflammation pop up as well as new buds break around us. Meanwhile, our cells begin to crave the denser nutrients that were not available to us in the winter months. All of these situations combined creates the perfect storm – think breakouts, puffiness and dullness. This is an ideal time to focus on a little spring cleaning to help our skin look and feel its best.

What can you do?

First and foremost, pay attention to what your body is telling you. Changes that affect your skin are usually warning signs of other internal changes. They serve as great reminders to look inward and ensure you are giving your body what it needs. Skin is almost always a reflection to what is happening constitutionally. Consider eating seasonally and treating your skin with seasonal ingredients – the Earth is offering these plants up for you at this time because they are in alignment with your needs. Our bodies don't shine when eating for winter all year round.

When it comes to skin care products, switch to products that have an emphasis on cleansing, detoxing, reducing inflammation and boosting denser nutrients. Herbaceous and nutritious leaves are an ingredient to keep your skin glowing and clear during the Spring. Varying leaves within the Sabine G Holistics line address that boost of nourishment, as well as being potent anti-inflammatory and purifying plant medicines. We share our seasonal recommendations below that are filled with fresh Spring leaves and buds, like Nettle, Equisetum, Rose Geranium, Gotu Kola and Chamomile.

Nami Cacao Mask: mindfully chosen anti-inflammatory flowers help clear the skin and reduce redness, congestion and breakouts. Nami draws out impurities, enriches with antioxidants, clarifies with roots and clays, and soothes with calming herbs.

Waymaker Ozone Protection Serum: this serum is one of our go-to products year-round. It is formulated with potent antioxidants and nutrients to protect and repair. Using Antioxidant Serum during spring will help strengthen and prepare your skin for the harsh summer sun.

Awaken Hydra Mist: hydration is important all year long, and you can’t achieve it without water. Vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant-rich Awaken Hydra Mist calms and relieves inflamed or irritated skin while balancing the skin’s microflora for a clear spring complexion.

Silver Lining Night Restoring Serum: when skin is more on the oily side and blemishes are breaking out, switch over to silver lining during this time period. The astringent properties of willow and liquorice root will restore balance in sebum production and calming chamomile soothes red breakouts during the night.

And most importantly, get outside and enjoy the energy that is Spring!

xo Sabine

"Your purchase plants trees, thank you."


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