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The 5 Minutes Mental Refresh You Can Do at Your Desk

Are there times throughout your day when you begin to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the tasks building on your to-do list? Or maybe you’re having a particularly long week and need a bit of R&R, but don’t have tons of time to take a full break. If you’ve ever felt this way (I most certainly have) I have a few tips for a 5-minute mental refresh that you can do while still sitting at your desk. Do them all together or just one at a time—either way you’ll begin to feel more refreshed and relaxed.


Our hydra mists are developed for exactly these moment in mind! They are aroma therapeutic (without EO's) for good reason. Awaken is calming and cooling. Waymaker is grounding and uplifting. Silver Lining has a refreshing clean fragrance, and is very useful in the office for when you need anti-bacterial mist when your chin feel itchy with all the mask usage or when someone at your workplace is coughing, a bit of antibacterial mist in your immediate bubble can protect you from germs.


Not only are facial tools a great addition to your skincare routine, but they also feel great used during the day. Keep one by your desk (or even in the fridge if possible!) and gently rub on your temples or jaw to help relieve any tension you may unknowingly be holding in your jaw. Have a look at the Rose Quartz Gua Sha.


Sometimes throwing on some soothing classical tunes or calming notes can really bolster your mood. Listening to some classic piano or even some nature sounds when you’re feeling anxiety coming on. Try even taking a moment to just focus on the sounds and meditate to really help your mind relax.


If your mind feels a bit cluttered, chances are your desk is probably a tad messy. Taking a few minutes to tidy up your desk and straighten things up clears desk space ad head space. You’ll most likely feel more productive and less stressed out afterward.


It’s amazing how simple this tip may seem, but there are actually tons of breathing methods that can help reduce stress and anxiety. Try inhaling to the count of three, and exhaling to the count of five repeatedly for a couple of minutes. When this breathing pattern becomes easy move up to four deep inhales followed by six exhales. Breathing in this manner sends a message to your brain that your body is beginning to relax and can help in calming your mind. Choose a spot, whether it’s at your desk, break room or outside, and take a few moments to take some deep breaths. Pair this with the use of the hydramists aroma, and chances are you’ll feel much calmer afterwards.



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