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Your Studio is Post Covid-19 prepped. But what about you?

There is an abundance of post-lock-down information out there on preparing our Salons and Lash Studios for the days we will open up our doors to lash our long awaited clients. Stock is fresh, Barbicide certification done, sanitation, masks & hygiene rules are all in place and you are ready to tilt the scale of your out of whack bank balance back to healthy. But have you set yourself personal wellness rules to adhere to for when you get so busy that you won't have time to think? Set boundaries in place for when your clients insist on coming after hours ... even after 10 pm ... they don't mind ... and besides you need the money. Write down what you need to keep your mental and emotional well being in check.

Keep the boundaries clear - There will be pressure from all sides during the next few months. From your clients who NEED priority lashes and won't take no for an answer to the end of the month debit orders lurking over your shoulder.

My Advice:

  • Know your limit on how many clients you can cope with in a day and then stick to it. No exceptions. I know its difficult because of your personal financial pressure and clients only see 1 person in your lash room and that's themselves. They don't always think that you have a few hundred ladies in waiting. But I promise you, your clients will come another day and before you know it you will have lashed all your happy customers. Remember don't wear yourself out. Be your best to give your best.

Stay healthy and hydrated - Unless you are superwoman, your body WILL feel the stress of getting into the daily grind of the Lash Artist. Not only can you expect to get shoulder spasms, a headache from the focusing and concentration, poor blood circulation and cramps in your hands, but your immune system can get a knock with all the stress of lashing and engaging with clients every day.

My Advice:

  • Don't forget to stretch in between clients, give your eyes a break, keep eating healthily throughout the day and drink plenty of fluids (preferably water). Here in South Africa it's winter season, so TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. Rules are clear that clients cannot come if they have any cold symptoms. That goes for you too. You don't want to cancel appointments during this wave of clients. And definitely not due to a nervous breakdown or the sniffles.

Get your rest & exercise - This goes without saying. We all know what happens when we try to perform with lack of sleep. We don't!

My Advice:

Don't spend all night on social media posting all the stunning before & after pics until midnight and then rise at 5am to get your exercises in before starting on your first client at 7am. Allocate your time wisely. Plan the days, giving time for work, family, social media and rest.There is value in switching off all electronics an hour before bed time.

Take one day a week off for your Sabbath. This means a day NOT working. Whether its lashes or all the other areas you earn an income with - take off. Its a trust thing. Have faith that God will provide for you while you spend that day resting and filling yourself up. If you are an extrovert you know you need to party it up, see friends and let loose. If you are an introvert like me you know that you get your fill by being alone. Whatever floats your boat, you do you boo.

The key to being a great lash artist is having a balanced holistic life in this crazy yet exciting world.

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