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the silver lining

Every cloud has a silver lining and blemished skin is no exception. Silver Lining Collection reduces the burden of inflammation, redness and swelling in order for the skin to function in a healthy way. Potent plants chosen for this Collection are capable of creating a healthy flora and microbial balance, which means it allows for microbiome diversity without allowing for a single strain to dominate and cause harm through infection and irritation.

Silver Lining Ice Sabine G Holistics

100% Active

Precious metal from the earths core

Embedding this key ingredient in a compilation of raw extracts of complimentary herbs and plants to create synergy that clears the skin like no other product.

Attractive male using skincare

“My skin is happiest when using your Silver Lining products. My confidence is back, thank you Sabine”

anti-inflammatory and soothing

Phytosterol-rich plant oils

Phytosterols help calm inflammation and many skin issues and conditions including acne. Silver Lining Dermal Strengthening and Night Restoring Serums house six plant oils rich in phytosterols. 

Dermal Strengthening Sabine G