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natural tattoo care in south africa

Organic plant based skincare collections:Full Range of Sabine G Holistics Products Hydra Mists, Skin Oil Serums, Facial Cleansing Foam Cacao organic mask


About Waymaker Hydra Mist

This product has been a game changer for me. Instant moisturization and it gets better and better the more I use it.

About Awaken Replenishing Serum

Gorgeous. This is a beautiful face oil just packed with delicious smelling plant oils. It's a lovely part of my bedtime ritual and I wake up with soft youthful and nurtured skin.

About The Curator Balm

I will not allow anything else near my fresh tattoos! Been using this balm to heal and keep my colour for 3 years now.

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All is done with love and the purest intention, from capturing the Earths nutrient-rich energy, to nurturing your skin, you will find our skincare to feel alive.

Sabine Groenewald

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