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passion led us here


Sabine G Holistics was initially created in 2008 as a lash extension studio along with Sabine G Life Coaching and Christian Counseling, making it one of the most unique and popular studios around.

With years of running a successful lash business, academy and counseling studio, Sabine helped lash artists discover how to remain unique and true to themselves in order to be extremely successful in the competitive beauty industry. Sensing a lack in this industry for green beauty, Sabine studied Organic Skin Care Formulation on the side line. This opened up a whole new scope which completed her circle of a 'Holistic' brand.

Our small batch formulations are made in-house by the Sabine G Holistics team. This allows us to not only handpick who and where we source ingredients from, but create fresh batches as needed. We believe in creating consciously made products and value the health of our customers over cutting corners and costs. Being passionate about small batch skincare allows for higher quality standards, while delivering products at peak freshness. Each step of our unique process is a labour of love by people who care about you and the planet. We are passionate about using natural and organic ingredients to create stunning and effective skincare products. Raising awareness of the natural alternatives to the dangerous compounds often present in commercial skincare products.


Healthy Ingredients for Healthy Skin

For far too long the skin care industry has profited from serving us unhealthy ingredients and empty promises. We believe that our skin deserves better. Our entire mind, body and spirit deserves better. As an holistic ingredient focused skin care company, our desire lies in obtaining the finest ingredients from nature which has a holistic impact. That means sourcing as organic as possible, cold-pressed oils, therapeutic plants, mineral clays and hydrosols. We never use highly refined natural ingredients that have their natural colour and scent removed. Using ingredients in their most natural state preserves the nutrients and therapeutic properties of each ingredient, ensuring that the final product is rich in skin beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This is why our formulas are naturally colourful and fragrant — never clear or odourless — what you see and smell is nature in its purest form, ready to care for your skin to the fullest.

A Note of reflection

A brand is you. You are the unique point of view which intentionally sets a business apart from its competition. Branding is “deliberate differentiation.” 

Be deliberate and unique. Unapologetical. Merge your values, ethos, dreams and beliefs into one core system of which your business drives from.


There are BILLIONS of souls on this planet who have all kinds of problems that require our unique solutions. If you are tired of blending in with everyone else and not feeling successful, learn what TRULY makes you stand out. Love what you do. And trust me, there is room for EVERYONE at the success table.⠀

Giving credit here to my lessons learnt from a child, my life coach and mentor Nico Liebenberg, my loving supportive husband Ps Arnold Groenewald, my 3 children; Saskia, Zarius and Alessia whose hungry mouths, furious love and endless encouragement have been my driving force. Last but not least, my educators, customers, students and patients who gave me the true qualifications needed to remain at the top of this evolving beauty industry. 

In Love,

Sabine Groenewald⠀⠀⠀⠀

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