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what Sustainability means to us

It is a simple motto to live by: If any natural ingredient causes damage to nature - then its no longer nature -al. We are committed to protecting the earth and its inhabitants when sourcing our ingredients. We at Sabine G Holistics ban natural/organic skin care ingredients that have been, in any way sourced unethically or are unkind to the ecosystem. Therefor you will notice a few natural ingredients which won't appear with our brand name on. What that exactly means is that we refuse to source materials at the expense of destroying the earth or its people.

We create consciously-sourced, nutrient-dense premium botanical products. Our whole plant extracts are paired with organic ethical oils, hydrosols and eco-certified ingredients predominantly from South Africa and Namibia for the benefit of your skin’s health. For us sustainability is an on going project. 

  • We’re passionate about supporting local - local plants, local growers and local manufacturers.


  • We celebrate our diverse indigenous plant kingdom, protecting our fragile Hangklip and Sandstone fynbos biosphere on which we are proud stewards of.


  • We source raw materials from South African biomes from single farm sources where possible.


  • Definition of Farm to Face: We grow 8 out of our 13 adaptogenic plants organically on our farm where we harvest, dry and extract in our lab through a lengthy extraction process dubbed Lipophilic Splendour Infusion. The organic plants never leave the premises before they are ready to being shipped off to you as a Phyto-nutrient packed skincare product. 


Our Packaging

Your luxurious skincare arrives to you nestled in innovative package inserts. 100% up cycled cardboard inserts brings us both one step closer to living out sustainability. Each shipping insert is handmade and is as individual as you are, no two are alike. Enjoy the unique humble experience of unboxing Pure Botanical Luxury which is as good to our Earth as it is to your skin.


If you’ve chosen courier instead of collection with your orders recently, then you’ve had the experience of receiving your much-anticipated skincare in a cement-coloured shipping insert with the above printed label on canvas paper. This is beautiful old photographic canvas paper being given new life, that would have otherwise been incinerated or added to waste.



On the other hand, if you’ve popped into the studio and said Hi, or collected from our famous polka dot Collection box, you’ve no doubt received your elevated products softly Furoshiki wrapped in 100% reclaimed cotton with a twig of fresh Rose Geranium or any one of our 8 Botanicals used in your product.


Our Packaging Team have one colossal job to do. To brainstorm innovative, eco-friendly, sustainable means to deliver your delicate glass products intact with creating as little waste and world impact as possible. And yet still look and feel luxurious. It takes a special kind of creative to be part of this team. You need to think out of the box and not be afraid of revolutionary ideas that are fluid and evolving. To go where no man has gone before is a tall order and not an easy one at that. Being a luxurious skincare brand, our standards are tremendously high and so are those of our customers. To marry sustainability and luxury, has been one of the most difficult accomplishments thus far. One thing we have chosen not to do, is sell out our ethics to please consumerism norms. To brave the world with no Dieline boxes, no masses of tissue paper, stickers or gold foiled over-dyed printed cards, has been a stressful yet rewarding Co. decision.


"Our actions now will affect our industry for years to come. We have one world to protect. Its the only one we can leave behind for our children."

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