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Gift Card of Plant-based Natural Skincare

Gift Card

ZAR 200

Eminently suitable for all, elegantly presented to a recipient via email with a personalized message. It is our total delight to welcome your lucky chosen one to our Holistic family.

ZAR 200
ZAR 250
ZAR 300
ZAR 350
ZAR 500
ZAR 550
ZAR 600
ZAR 650
ZAR 700
ZAR 750
ZAR 800
ZAR 850
ZAR 900
ZAR 950
ZAR 1,000
ZAR 1,100
ZAR 1,200

This Gift Card is redeemable in South Africa only.

Kindly note that Digital Gift Cards are sent directly to the recipient's email address upon purchase. To maintain surprise and delight, we recommend sending the card to your own email address to forward closer to festivities.

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