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Time To Reflect

It’s been a whirlwind year. Looking back, I find myself a little bit surprised about how many positive things there have been amidst everything we’ve all had to struggle with.

This year has been unusual for everyone to say the least: lockdown, job losses, deaths, cancelled air travel, classrooms + counseling sessions moving from physical to digital locations – having to adjust to a rather disturbing ‘new normal’ has taken its toll on all of us.

But there have been positive moments too.

Amidst the adjustment to coming to terms with a shift in my career after a solid 12 years because of illness, I count myself among the very privileged to be able to work with what I love most – organic holistic skin care.

Gardening for Skincare

Handcrafted infusions and extracts of all kinds have been ongoing all year in my lab. But the most exciting event of 2020 came during an unsuspecting weekend visit to a dear friends farm. Apart from my regular botanicals of Lemon Verbena, Rose Geranium, Bergamot etc, I discovered the golden child of Sabine G Holistics Skin Care - Myrothamnus Flabellifolius. This resurrection bush grows organically in its natural habitat on my dear friends farm and the discovery of it being a superior botanical used in skin care, had me jumping with joy. M Flabellifolius is the award worthy component that our products will proudly be built around. I've been searching high and low for 'The One'. The Holy Grail of South African soil. Low and behold, it's been right under my nose all this time. Needless to say, extensive research, quality extracts and formations have been keeping this laboratory busy most of 2020.

I am so thankful that these 3 Hydra Mists have joined our collection of Skin care products this year: The positive feedback on these (and your continued requests for more) is the best kind of reaction I could wish for. And to think it all started on the 1st June as a Lash Care range!


I was really looking forward to celebrating consistent blogging on my website this year (it has been a positive experience overall), but unfortunate circumstances caused a change of plans with an extended (and still ongoing) move. Most of this has been happening ‘behind the scenes’ and for those of you who subscribe to the blog awaiting lash news, you may have been somewhat dissapointed. If that is the case, I do apologize for the unfortunate chain of events that were out of my control that changed the course of Sabine G Holistics. If not, then my ongoing behind the scenes work can be categorized a success.

Thank You So Much

Thank you for sticking around, for subscribing to my newsletter, for sharing and following me on Instagram, for liking my posts on Facebook, and for all your wonderful and inspiring comments and questions. Your support and wonderful feedback has really helped make this topsy turvy year feel a little less unstable and a lot more positive.

A Positive Takeaway

You. Are. Enough. If you have no talents, or all the talents, if nobody knows you or the whole world does ....You were enough on your first day breathing and you’ll be enough on your last day. I keep a random piece of paper with these words scribbled in it, in my formulation journal so I can see it everyday. We need reminders that if it boiled down to just us, no frills, we’d still be worth celebrating. Yeah it might be corny, but I’m constantly surprised at how much myself, and others need to hear this kind of thing. Stay safe and stay healthy. Much love,


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