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Breaking Ground In Tattoo AfterCare

girl with full back tattoo

Welcome to your world of long lasting inked skin

Sabine G Holistics is committed to reinventing the South African tattoo aftercare space, one plant based product at a time. With the mission to eliminate synthetic and harmful ingredients found in traditional aftercare, we sought out to create products that embody holistic healing.

As with all our Skin Care Collections, Inked For Life is no different - born from personal need. Formulated from our passion for ink, and the desire to use essential oil free, effective products.

We have a non irritating cleansing foam to soothe when washing raw skin and our tattoo balm is targeted to calm down stressed skin. Considering the body's natural defence of a dermal attack is to reject alien particles, we saw an opportunity to create a superior holistic solution to help improve the healing process of South African tattoos from the unique approach of CALMING the body immediately in order to heal perfectly.

a black 50g tin of Crator balm to heal tattoos in window shadows

Skin's ability to heal and protect

The remarkable ability of human skin to instantly respond to an invasion is a blessing and an occasional curse when it comes to tattoos and any form of body modification. When cut, the body orchestrates a complex cascade of events designed to heal wounds and reject any invaders big and small.

One of the reasons for eventual fading of tattoos, is the healing of your skin under duress. Maintaining long term vibrancy can be assisted by using Sabine G's Curator Balm during the initial healing phase. Through research and development our remarkable Curator Balm has proven to immediately calm and soothe the stressed skin, allowing the skin to contently heal without rejecting ink.

Miraculous Ingredients explained

Ideally what we want from an Ink Healing Balm is to calm down stressed skin to accept the ink, be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, moisturise, aid healing and protect the wound with the right balance of oxygen intake. Quite a tall order for one balm to achieve, but with healing plant and nature powered ingredients, we have attained exactly that... and more.

Beeswax (ethical): The right balance of oxygen allowed on the skin is important — too much or too little and the wound won't heal correctly. Your inked skin needs a tattoo aftercare balm which allows just the right amount of air onto your fresh healing tattoo.

Calendula*: Used for her soothing and calming abilities. Calendula flower is also a UV protector, has anti fungal, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Tulsi*: Also known as Holy Basil, strengthens our body's ability to resist stress. Is our antioxidant, antiseptic, anti inflammatory and soothing plant. Tulsi also helps to shrink pores.

Plantain*: A wound healing plant, lowers the chances of bad scarring, it also soothes and has been approved by the German Commission as a topical anti inflammatory.

Tamanu Oil: A potent aroma between pecan nuts and green olives but in spite of its powerful nutty scent, Tamanu is an excellent collagen building, moisturising oil. Also known to soothe eczema and other skin drying ailments.

Comfrey*: Comfrey was traditionally used to help mend broken bones. In fact, the name comfrey comes from the Latin word Confervere which means ‘to join together, to mend or to heal’. It helps to moisturise and soothe dry irritated skin, promotes rapid skin-cell growth, contributes to skin renewal, protects against bacteria and other microorganisms, reduces inflammation and helps to keep skin healthy.

Marshmallow root*: Hydrates and soothes irritated skin. Especially beneficial during the itchy scaling phase of tattoo healing. Marshmallow root is from the cool mucilage family of plants, bringing instant gratification to itchy spiky scabs.

Aloe*: Our indigenous aloe is excellent in soothing down red hot skin. A wonderful moisturizing plant.

* organically grown

Curator tattoo balm on a wooden board with calendula flowers and marshmallow root on a golden spoon

Maintaining long term ink vibrancy from the start

In depth: An invasive tattoo procedure causes a healthy body to send stress signals to the wounded area and releases blood cells who’s function is to reject and expel any foreign particles. In past research we have discovered that this rejection of ink is contributing to long term fading. Cells have remarkable memory and will continue trying to remove the ink even after the initial expelling of "excess" ink. It begins to absorb as much as it can over your lifetime.

By calming down the stressed punctured skin, the Curator balm restores calmness, balance and holistic well-being back to the entire body.

Allowing for your body to accept the ink and the organic ingredients to promote healthy healing.

Not only does the Curator balm protect, moisturise, and assist in healing tattoos, but it contains phenomenal organic ingredients to protect from the sun and maintain long term ink vibrancy when used continuously on a daily basis.

left hand with tattooed arm scooping Curator tattoo balm with a golden spoon.


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