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How To Prevent Breakouts After Hair Removal

Ensure a smooth hair removal process, literally and figuratively, with the tips below.

With temperatures lowering, a lot of us don’t necessarily have hair removal on the brain. But its pretty much an all year occurrence for some of our clients and lets face it, it makes us feel good. Whether you’re a fan of waxing, shaving, or threading, there’s always a chance of post-fuzz-removal breakouts if you don’t take the proper steps before and after your appointment or at-home session. Winter skin can block up pores more than summer skin. So, I have given a few tips on how to avoid flare-ups, unwanted bumps, and inflammation on super smooth skin.


First things first, you’ll want to prepare the surface as much as possible. This means exfoliating from head-to-toe (or wherever you’re removing hair) and cleansing.

Exfoliate one to two days before hair removal (you don’t want to do it right before the appointment because it makes skin more sensitive) to unclog your pores and make the hair removal process more seamless. This step allows for hair follicles to be pulled from the root with less strain on your skin.

You can use a face or body scrub, chemical exfoliant, or exfoliating mitts all over your body to ensure the best exfoliation possible. Cleansing with a gentle formula can be done right before and will prevent bacteria from getting pushed into pores during the process.

Once at your appointment, ask your hair removal specialist if all tools are clean, sterilized, or brand new. The last thing you want entering your pores is bacteria. And if you’re doing it at home, make sure your hands and tools are also sterilized.


Once you’re done with the hair removal process, you’ll want to cleanse your skin. This is important for removing any residue and bacteria.

Take the cleansing process one step further by applying an astringent like witch hazel to help calm and prevent any redness and inflammation that you may be seeing at this point. An antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredient like colloidal silver could also be beneficial. Try Silver Lining Hydra Mist to spritz away inflammation and bacteria. It contains both witch hazel and colloidal silver and the skin soothing properties of rose water.


I've found Silver Lining very effective on clients to close pores immediately after waxing on any area of the body. One Spritz of Silver Lining Hydra Mist on the post waxed skin, gives an instant soothing and antibacterial treatment which closes the pores and heals irritated just waxed skin.

Whatever you do, do not apply any oils or heavy creams immediately after waxing as these can clog your pores.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs, According to Dermatologists

Avoid a sweaty workout immediately following since pores will be more open to sweat, bacteria, and oil that can all cause pimples.

In the days following hair removal, either exfoliate the area again with a gentle chemical exfoliant or physical scrub or preferably spritz Hydra Mist once a day for 2 days to prevent ingrown hairs and clogged pores.


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