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Intimate wash for your precious spots

Not sure what to use for an intimate wash without interfering with your bodies biome yet is still hygienic?

Our coveted Pure Wash!

Pure Wash is the brilliant answer to unisex clean hygiene down below. It is completely natural, gentle and most importantly skin pH balanced. Making this cleansing foam the closest to a non invasive intimates cleanser you can get.

The big debate, 'to wash or not to wash'

This has been a questionable topic many of us don't know the answer to. Our answer is yes to wash, definitely yes! BUT the rule is that If you can’t see it you shouldn't wash it. This goes for all genders/humans. Not with our Pure Wash or any other soap for that matter. Washing anywhere internally without being a medical profession, is looking for trouble. Our bodies have been created in phenomenal ways to ward of any intruders that can cause infections, and all crevices have already been taken care of by nature via healthy bacteria. Ladies: The internal ecosystem of your vagina is perfectly capable of keeping itself in check, without your intervention. Foreign bodies with incorrect pH can offset this natural harmony and lead to discomfort and infection.

"what you see is what you wash."

Other than that we do need to wash our external genitals for good everyday hygiene.

Pure Wash is formulated with 48% natural rose water. Which is the only subtle fragrance you will get. Rose water is known to soothe rashes and irritations. And has anti bacterial properties. Just another reason why this soft foam is great for a top to toe face and body wash. So whether it’s period days, sweating days, sports days, beach days, special days or just normal shower days. Pure Wash ensures you have a fresh clean touche for full confidence ; )

Thank you to our guys and girls who voted Pure Wash as their chosen intimate soap to trust and put us on the trial to test it for ourselves. We are uber grateful for making us aware of the various benefits our wash has on the skin.

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