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Summer Skin Hero

Summer is a magical time to seize every opportunity to be outdoors, embark on new adventures, and gain fresh perspective. As you savour each warm day, take comfort in the knowledge that the Waymaker Collections Hydra Mist and Serums are hard at work supporting and protecting your skin’s summer glow.

Build The Skin Barrier

In the heat of summer, a healthy and hydrated skin barrier is vital. Skin dehydration actually interrupts proper barrier function, and we formulated our Waymaker Hydra Mist with this in mind. Along with hydrating Propanadiol for extra plumping and luminosity, Rose Geranium hydrosol for vitamin enriched hydration, and a full-suite of B vitamins - including the niacinamide form of B3, all help to fortify the skin’s first line of defense and maintain a strong lipid barrier to effectively retain moisture.

Up The Antioxidants

More time enjoyed outside also means extra exposure to environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution. The natural seed protectors rich in antioxidants, found in Ozone Protection Serum and Night Recovery Serum are our African seed oils Kalahari melon seed, Mangongo, Tamanu and Baobab oil. To further enhance antioxidant levels are Uva Ursi, Liquorice root and Gotu Kola, our infused active botanicals. These ingredients shield the complexion and repair oxidative damage that may have already occurred.

Clear Out Congestion

Time to breathe and just be is a highlight of summer, and the skin similarly needs to breathe to look its best. Ensuring pores are properly cleared of excess sunscreen or sweat buildup keeps unwanted skin issues, like breakouts, at bay. Skin detoxifying Cacao, Vitamin C, and Sea salt are part of the Nami Cacao Masks ability to foam up and lift dirt and dead skin off the skin surface. Cacao is an antioxidant which helps to exfoliate with natural acids and enzymes to clear out pores. The organic Rose petals, Calendula and Marshmallow root soothe away any red irritations the skin may have. Whilst Red and White Kaolin clay combine to smoothen out large pores and excess oils. Organic vanilla beans and turmeric assist in this weekly manual exfoliation to balance skin and prevent clogged pores.

Protect The Décolleté

The delicate skin of your face starts lower than you may think. The neck and décolleté are equally prone to sun spots, dehydration, and dullness if not properly protected. Be sure to apply your Sabine G Holistics products, and of course your sunscreen, to the neck and chest along with the face for dewy and radiant summer skin.

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