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The 7 Week Secret To Radiant Skin

With its reverence for botanicals and unusual timeline, our 7 week long Infusion process (we fondly call our 'Lipophilic Splendour Infusion') breaks the beauty mould in pursuit of unrivaled performance and exquisite quality. The time-honoured nature of this formulation approach is why every bottle of Serum takes seven weeks to produce. Discover how this process, which is foundational to all things Sabine G Holistics, unifies knowledge of the past with innovations of the future to deliver your most balanced, healthy skin.

The Ingredients: Healing Whole Plants Ancient apothecaries and healers began with whole plants to treat body and soul. Today, our 49 day Lipophilic Splendour Infusion process begins in the very same way. To begin the formulations for each Awaken, Waymaker and Silver Lining Serum Collections, a select group of 13 nutrient-rich botanicals are carefully chosen for their adaptogenic and/or nutrient dense properties and the ability to deliver radiance-inducing results. Eight of the thirteen plants are grown and harvested organically on the property and the others, sustainably sourced as whole botanicals.

Our Actives begin with… Liquorice Nettle Willow Bark


Calendula Marshmallow Equisetium


Chamomile Gotu kola Comfrey

Uva Ursi


The Time: 7 Extraordinary Weeks It was her upbringing in a German engineering family, in which precision and quality trumped speed and mass production, that influenced our founder Sabine, to precisely take 49 days to develop the performance-driven process. "Quality was never sacrificed for the time it took to get things right in my home as a child," she says. "in fact, if a task was accomplished in super speed, it was pretty much assumed that it was not my best work." she laughed. As a child who wanted to rush chores to go and play it seemed tedious, but these disciplines payed off richly in the sea of fast-beauty, where Sabine insists on being a cut above the rest. She ultimately dubbed the process Lipophilic Splendour Infusion.

The Technique: Time-Honoured Greets Leading-Edge We use a bi-phase extraction method where the carefully selected ingredients all undergo a 1 week preparation process whereby the plant cell walls are organically broken down and then the plants are ready to macerate for a further 6 weeks, allowing the full-spectrum of their nutrients to be gently and slowly extracted and infused into the powerful foundational oils to produce botanical actives. We refuse to rush the natural infusion process, and instead focus on creating the optimal conditions in which it unfolds. Using temperature-controlled environments, the latest developments in natural science, meticulously calibrated vitamin and mineral synergies unfold, the nutrients extracted from each plant are methodically harnessed to deliver extraordinary nourishment to the skin. In this way, our 49 Day Lipophilic Splendour is a process grounded in the past, but very much on the forefront of skincare today.

The Results: Plant Based Splendour

Once the process is complete the highly concentrated botanical actives are strained and triple filtered, leaving thirteen adaptogen rich green and golden potent oils, ready to comprise more than 50% of your high performance Skin serums available in-store.

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