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Demystify the Nano-mister

Interestingly enough, the lash industry is an evolving one. What we believed years ago has been myth busted. One of the most spoken about gadget among old and new lash artists is the Nano-mister. Probably because its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Many of us tend to doubt new things that seem to contradict what we have been taught. Rightfully so. Many times it is only a trend or new fad to sell a gimmicky product. In the case of a Nano-mister this is not the truth.

Let me explain- we were taught not to wet the fresh set of lash extensions for 24 hours. Now along comes new research and debunks all that we were taught with the new rule recommending we DO wet the lashes. This can be clarified when we have an understanding of the adhesive that we use in lash extensions. Adhesives are made up of cyanoacrylates along with other bonding agents. Cyanoacrylate adhesives cure by reacting to small amounts of MOISTURE on the lashes and in the air. Why we were not aware of these facts more than 6 years ago I don't know.

But the fact is that the glue we use needs moisture to "dry". Now that we know the adhesive sets/cures/dries with moisture it makes a lot more sense why the Nano-mister is a useful tool to have. And in my opinion a vital tool to have when lashing for 3 hours during a volume set.

If you decide to use the Nano-mister on your clients make sure to hold the mister at least 15-30 cm away from the freshly glued lashes - as too close to the lashes will cause what is known as Shock Polymerization (more on that in another adhesive blog soon) which is when the glue forms a hard white crust and the bond is severely compromised.

Always use distilled or purified water in the Nano-Mister or try out our Sabine G HydraMist, which you can use straight in the nano-mister or diluted 1 part HydraMist with 3 parts water. The HydraMist is an all natural botanical hydrosol infused with healing and antioxidants properties with a refreshing rose fragrance.

See lash products page here for more information and to purchase HydraMist.

It is a personal preference to use a Nano-mister and if used correctly I experience more pros than cons. My clients love the cooling freshness of the mist over their entire face at the end of the lash treatment. Using a Nano-mister doesn't make a difference as far as retention goes but it sure helps with curing the lashes and eliminating formaldehyde fumes. Those are enough reasons for you to give it a try.

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